Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kit Messham-Muir: Interview with Andy Devine, artist, Australia

Kit Messham Muir interviewed me for his on going project Studio Crashers.The main aim of this project is to interview practicing, emerging, to the well known artists, to the leaders in the visual arts.
Kit starts off the interview with the loaded question - 'what was modernism?'
This is what unfolds in that interview. 

Part 1: Interview with Andy Devine, artist, Eleebana, Australia

Part 2: 

If you would like to view more of Kit's interviews, follow this link

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hill End Residency October 01 - 27th, 2013

Hill End 2013

seventeen days into the residency and only now am I use to the place. I am staying at Haefligers cottage, which has graced the who's who in Australian art, Donald Friend, Russell Drysdale, Margaret Olley, Jeffery Smart, John Olsen, Brett Whiteley and John Firth Smith to name but a few.

Haefligers Cottage